Dance accompaniment workshop

  • 50 rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris
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Dance and movement offer spaces for experiencing being and rediscovering one's own language, enabling a reaffirmation of the self and a different kind of openness to others.

OBJECTIVES: "suspended time...".

  • Rediscover a sense of physical and psychological well-being to help you relax and develop your self-esteem.
  • Rediscovering your body's sense of shape and form
  • Regain confidence in others Move towards a creative process by developing each individual's creativity


  • Students experiencing stress or anxiety
    Students who have been victims of violence
  • No level required


Contemporary dance, contact improvisation, body awareness, relaxation, guided improvisation
Led by : Nadège Bonneton
Physician, dancer and dance coach, I've been leading dance and expression workshops since 2017. Driven by a holistic approach to the other and to care, my practice is nourished above all by human encounters. A contemporary dancer since I was 15, trained in dance therapy and movement support, these practices are gradually being integrated into my work. The workshops focus above all on the search for a path towards oneself and one's creativity, a poetic language specific to each individual, with no level required.